Friday, August 16, 2013

Engaged: Part One: What's in a ring?

I should start off by saying that the reason its taken me so long to write about this is not for lack of trying. I am not usually one who is short of words, particularly the written word. Yet when it comes to writing about the next chapter in my story with Rob, I am completely tongue-tied. Don't ask me why. Maybe it's because it means so much to me. Maybe it's because love can do weird things to you like that.

Last Saturday, Rob asked me to marry him. And naturally, I said yes. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

The first question people have asked me (other than "How did he ask you?") is, "Did you know it was coming?" I did. Actually, knowing that we would be engaged soon is one of the reasons why I haven't been writing so much. For about a month now, I've felt like I was in on something most people did not know, but it wasn't something I could talk about. I told some friends and family members along the way, but it wasn't a public announcement. Except for that one time on Instagram when I got excited about signing up for So I stopped writing, because all I really wanted to do was talk about this incredible time in our lives.

I'm aware that there are people who do not know when their partner is about to propose. I wasn't one of them. I helped pick the ring out. I was there when he bought it. And when we got in the car afterward, I cried in the parking lot of the jewelry store. The jewelry store that we almost didn't go into. Okay, maybe I should back up again.

On our anniversary weekend in July, Rob and I decided we would talk to a jeweler about an idea we had for my engagement ring. I had seen something on Pinterest (for real, what did we do without Pinterest?) and showed it to Rob, and we both liked it. I showed it to my mom, and she blessed it, too. So that was it. That was my ring. But then something really sweet and wonderful happened. Rob went down to see his mom for her birthday in June, and told her he was planning to ask me to marry him. She offered him the diamond from a ring that belonged to his grandmother to use in my ring, if we wanted it. I was so touched by that gesture, as was Rob. It wasn't something we had anticipated at all. So then, we had the diamond. We researched what we would have to do to buy the setting we liked from an online store. Things got complicated. Which brought us to the jeweler.

When I pulled up to the jeweler someone had recommended to us (thanks, Yelp), Rob was hestitant. The outside of the place looks really dated, and he was thinking that this wasn't a quality store. With some light encouragement (and cajoling), he agreed to give it a try and just see if it was a decent place. As it turned out, it really was. When we showed the jeweler the diamond we had and the ring we wanted to order (through the use of our iPad), she told us she had something really similar already in the store. I didn't believe her at first, because I'd been checking out jewelry stores and had never seen anything even close to what I'd found on Pinterest. I was sold on the idea of the one we found online. And then she pulled out what was to be my engagement ring.

We kept looking from the ring in our hands to the picture of the ring on the iPad. It was extremely similar, and really beautiful. It was far less complicated to buy the one we had in front of us than to go through a crazy hassle online getting what we wanted. I was in. Rob was in. They said the ring would be ready in three weeks or so.

I've had some people (guys included) tell me that this isn't what they would want. That they would want to be surprised. One guy told me that he would want the ring he picked out on his fiancee's finger. That's fine for everyone else, but I loved that moment. At that moment, I realized that things do change when you get engaged and get married. It's subtle, but we both felt it. We talked about it all weekend. It's this feeling you get when you wake up and look at the person next to you and say, "I'm marrying him. This is my future husband." It's different. It's this cool feeling I can't really explain, but maybe you've been there, too.

After that, we waited. And waited. And finally, the ring came in...

To Be Continued...


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