Saturday, January 21, 2012

Update: Goal 2012

I thought since January is almost over (gasp!), it might be a good idea to update everyone and check in with myself on how my resolutions are going. For those who are new, or for people like me who need to be reminded about what I actually promised myself I would do, here is the list (and the updates!):

  • Scheduling exercise into my weekly schedule: I have to admit, this one is probably the one I need to work on most. I have been using at least one break at work per day as an exercise time, which I'm glad about. However, I need to keep pushing for twice a day at work, and then include some activity time at home most days of the week. I will keep updating you on this. I am not giving up, though! I'm also interested in trying out some new activities, like Zumba! Any suggestions? What do you enjoy?
  • Planning meals and snacks each day: I have definitely improved in this area! I started bringing lunch to work most days of the week, which has been better for my health and also my wallet. I also bring breakfast, and sometimes snacks. I need to be a bit better about the snack planning, but I have done it to some extent. I'm finding other stuff I sliced bell peppers with a bit of dressing, or fat free yogurts. Also, I've found a fantastic new cookbook which has healthy, delicious recipes that we've been loving! I'll be reviewing it soon. 
  • Cutting back on sugar: I would put this in the success column, and I think it's also a work in progress. I don't eat sugar at work much anymore. There is the occasional treat, but I used to have candy in my desk and eat that stuff every day, and I don't feel the need to do that anymore. I also don't eat dessert every night, so I'd say things are improving. I am still working on this, but I feel successful, and I also don't feel deprived! 
  • Continuing my efforts in therapy and in my nutritional counseling sessions: I'm on a little break from counseling, since scheduling conflicts on both sides made it nearly impossible for me to get in for a session before February. But we both agreed that I would use this time to try some things out on my own and see how things go. I do have to see my nutritionist soon, and I'm really excited to show her how I've been logging my food on my phone! She told me about an app called Recovery Road, which was made for people with different types of eating disorders. It allows you to log food, feelings, how hungry you were, and so many other categories without focusing on calories and fat. Plus, for every meal/snack you log, you get closer to winning a free iTunes song! Got to love that.
  • Saying "no" more: I haven't had much to say no to yet, but I'll keep you posted. 
  • Making sure I have fun: I had a great girls night out last night with three wonderful friends, and we practically closed the place down talking and catching up! I've also been spending more quality time with Rob and my mom, and I have some fun trips planned in the next couple of months! I've also started putting in for my vacation time to make sure I get the breaks I need. 
That's it! I'll check in next month with my goals and let you know how they are going!

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