Saturday, December 31, 2011

For Auld Lang Syne...or whatever that means

Well, it's December 31. Which means it's New Year's Eve. Which means, as a blogger, I'm contractually obligated to write about my New Year's resolutions, make pithy and thought-provoking statements about 2011, and wish everyone a happy new year.

But I won't be doing all of that.

What I will say is that 2011 has been a really wonderful, yet challenging year for me. I started this blog back in February, and I am so glad I did. I've "met" some amazing people and connected more to people I already knew through my writing and also through theirs. I became a better cook and actually started sharing recipes and my passion for cooking with others. I found a way for food not to always be an instrument of torture, although at times I still struggle with that. I stopped starving myself. I started taking my body and my mind seriously. I started the long, rewarding, and sometimes difficult process of recovery from an eating disorder.

I became a counselor this year. I finally started doing what I've dreamed of doing for so long, and I realized in the process how much I love working with couples. I got promoted at work and realized that I'm actually more of a systems thinker than I once imagined possible. I found out what we all one day will discover: who in your life will really be there with the chips are down. I met incredible people. I watched some of the people I love most get married, have babies, graduate, find new careers, and most importantly, find the strength within themselves to change their lives. I am especially proud of the latter. You know who you are.

I've had an incredible year. The biggest statement I could make about 2011 is to say that I really started to come into my own this year. I've started to form my identity as an adult, and stop apologizing for who I am and have always been. I have a lot of hope and excitement for 2012.

Once again, thank you to all of you who read this blog. You inspire and encourage me in so many ways.  It means the world to me to know that someone, somewhere, is listening. I'll post about my one big new year's resolution soon, but not before I start 2012 off properly...with a peanut butter brownie recipe.

Apologize to your dietitians for me.

Happy New Year!


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